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Apple Macbook Project

June 3, 2010

I decided it is time for a new laptop!

So, with money being not so plentiful as needed,
I now get a new Macbook for
FREE !!!

If you want to find out how you can order your FREE Apple product
(Macbook, iPhone, iPod or even the iPad)

…. follow this link here:

Yes, I want my  free Apple Product!

Moleskine® Kindle Cover

June 25, 2010

Seen on just this morning, published there on 15th June 2010.

I do not own a Kindle myself but I think there are many of you out there who might be very interested in this. Personally I congratulate Moleskine ® on this new product; I think it is very innovative.

“Kindle Cover: a new analog-digital hybrid

From paper to electronic ink and back again, Moleskine comes full circle with protective covers for the Amazon Kindle, the world’s most popular e-book reader: a new analog-digital hybrid  designed for the e-bookworms.

The features and style of the cover are those of a classic Moleskine notebook: sleek rounded corners, strong elastic band, and the legendary smooth black cover. Inside, a suede lining protects the electronic device, while four corner elastic bands hold it in place …”

” …Each cover includes a package of two reporter-style notebooks with black flexible cover, rounded corners, and blank ivory paper for jotting notes and insights.

The very idea of this new cover came from the Moleskine “notebook hackers”, who create their own custom-made accessories weaving together paper pages and digital tools. Throughout the web, hundreds of communities and discussions can be found where such Moleskine “hackers” publish their inventions. Dedicated blogs, Flickr pages, and even YouTube videos highlight the power and vitality of the Moleskine digital-analog connection.”

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Moleskine ® is a trademark registered by Moleskine S.r.l.

Folio Moleskine Printable Paper

June 24, 2010

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Important documents and letters can now be printed on Moleskine® A4 papers

– Amazon Product Description –

“Moleskine returns with six new items in the Folio range conceived for professionals to personalise their own desks, enriching their workspace with functionality and a sophisticated aesthetic. ”Folio” is aimed at artists and architects, designers and office users. It has all the usual designers and office users. It has all the usual features the Moleskine fan has come to expect including high quality FSC approved paper, but is characterised by ”outsizes”, A4 & A3.

The Moleskine Printable A4 Paper Ream is one of those items and comes in the traditional ivory cream colour and is FSC certified.”

It has the for Moleskine ® typical rounded corner and is ideal for printing important documents and letters alike.

Unfortunately it is still out of stock, I have placed my order and hopefully it will be available very soon.
Click the image above for ordering it.

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Moleskine ® is a trademark registered by Moleskine S.r.l.

3 Ways to Advance Your Goals

June 23, 2010

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Beginning with the end in mind is the endowment of imagination . If you are the programmer, write the program, says, goal expert- Stephen R. Covey. Goals help us to focus, and the quality of our attention is enhanced by a having a project so cool and interesting that we can’t help but make a leap. Let’s say, you want to organize your workspace so that everyone is inspired to do their best work. The in-between steps: like ergonomic concerns & planning comfortable lighting, in-and-of itself can seem mundane, but joined together they name a bigger accomplishment and by doing so, asks us to spice up our expectations & upgrade who we are. Focus on success & keep in mind how you want things to end up–And you’ll soon enough be successful.

  • name the accomplishment
  • give your project a title
  • what needs to be done by when
  • how would you like things to end up
  • identify upbeat reasons for pursuing the goal



Define greatness, challenge the limits, double the goal, or try something new…These are just some of the sentiments that put our plans into action and move us towards revolutionary results. Look around and witness the very essence of commonplace activities being tested and re-imagined. Such as schools re-defining Physical Education by bringing in activities ranging from kickboxing to more esoteric offerings like tai chi and yoga. And with the introduction of Blogs, an international conversation is in full swing with millions of links and a central clearing house inspired by immediacy, intrigue and tension. Raising the bar on a project can simply mean taking one extra step, having an allegiance to a weird idea, or devoting to a regular practice. Commit to a goal in a meaningful way, personalize it & make it your own, and then watch an otherwise sleepy project wake up and give way to a new found energy, creativity and distinction .Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

  • double the goal
  • challenge the limits
  • create a regular practice
  • raise your standards,values or beliefs
  • make it a game



Sometimes a goal deserves a break. TIME MAGAZINE reported that after 8 hours of sleep you’d be more than twice as likely to find a shortcut for solving a problem. Suggesting that taking it easy is good for the brain, and what’s good for the brain is good for the overall psyche and soul. Are you doing too much, not getting nourished and being exhausted? Well perhaps its time to consider another path. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Pick up a book written by an expert, join a group that’s geared around your project, sign up for an informational newsletter , or ask someone to buddy up & help. For instance, if I was writing a screen-play and struggling with a self imposed deadline, I could simplify my project just by signing up for a writing class. What with weekly writing tasks & in-class exercises this alone would expedite the development of my script. Another over looked short cut is to consider smaller steps. The smaller the increments the easier the goal. Deng Ming-Dao, writes in EVERYDAY TAO, An inch in one direction, then an inch in another already makes a span of 2 inches. Gradually we can improve on that. Go the path of least resistance, it’s a gift of energy.

  • don’t reinvent the wheel-find someone who’s done it before
  • slow down or change the pace
  • keep to minimum daily standards
  • write everything down–loose ideas vs. lost ideas
  • the smaller the increments the easier the goal

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5 Tips To Supercharge Your Motivation

June 22, 2010

Motivation is the driving force behind life-enhancing change. It comes from knowing exactly what you want to do and having an insatiable, burning desire to do what’s necessary to get it. It keeps your dream on track as it is the power of motivation that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

Here’s 5 top tips to help you supercharge your motivation:

1. Create a picture board and fill it with images of your desired goals. The car you want to own, the house you want to live in, the area where you want to live yes, they’re the obvious ones. Others could be pictures of holiday destinations, trophies, first-class travel tickets, clothes you want to buy, fine restaurants you want to frequent – whatever you can think of that gets your pulse racing.

2. GET ANGRY. If you want to change your life for the better then get angry about where you’re at now. Having a blasé attitude towards change isn’t what’s needed and it won’t create a strong desire within you. So ask: “Why do I want to change?” Is it because you’re FED UP with debts? Does your job DRIVE YOU CRAZY? Is your life DULL AND PRECITABLE? Are you SICK AND TIRED of doing the same thing week in week out? Are you BORED BEYOND BELIEF by the dull, uninspiring, unhappy people you associate with? THEN GET ANGRY ABOUT IT. And I mean REAL ANGRY. Write it all down, all of the frustrating, unrewarding, miserable lot of it that makes every day a dull slog until your final days. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

3. Speaking of your final days, start to appreciate the value of time. Time is one of the most precious resources you have and it is also a NON RENEWABLE resource. You can either use it fully or squander it. If you want to create change you’re going to have to invest a lot of time to make it happen. Start to reduce the time you waste on irrelevancies: Television, newspapers, lie-ins, weekends spent shopping, partying, dining out, visiting an endless line of relatives and friends – these won’t help you get what you want and all of them will rob time from you. Valuable time that you can use much more effectively by investing it in YOU. Remember this: You have a finite amount of time here on Earth. You don’t know how much time you have – no one does. But it’s how you use the time you have that counts. So make your time count and that means starting from right NOW.

4. Conformity. Are you a mindless little sheep who’s way too timid to pursue your own way? Do you have to follow where everyone else goes, doing exactly what everyone else does and therefore, who gets the same levels of happiness as all the other little sheep? Seriously, does this describe YOU? Are you too frightened to be different than all of the other sheep because they wouldn’t like it if you decided to follow a different path? So you dutifully trot along following all the other sheep because if they’re doing it then that’s how it is right? But if you do what everyone else does you’ll just get what everyone else gets. Do you want to be a mindless, timid little sheep who blindly follows all the other sheep? Or do you want to be a leader, a warrior who possesses the courage to be uniquely you and to do what you want to do and make your dreams happen? If so then this means you have to be more like a tiger than a sheep. Do you really want to be a sheep? I mean, haven’t we got enough sheep already?

5. Fear your fear. Fear is the force that is determined to stop you in your tracks and rob your dreams from you. But it can only do this if you let it. Are you going to let this cruel destructive charlatan trample on your dreams, steal your happiness and crush your spirit? Imagine this thought haunting your final days: “I didn’t do the things I wanted because I was too frightened to live”. And by then, it’ll be far too late to conquer fear. Refuse to let fear spoil your life and start taking action – now!

The world is waiting for your unique gifts. Why keep it waiting any longer?

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Moleskine Folio by Rickshawbags

June 15, 2010

Yesterday I read the post on a blog that I follow and I checked out the Moleskine ® Folio (again). I knew about them but never really got to spend time considering them.

I have now learned that there are three versions of the Moleskine ® Folio available:  Classic Folio, Daily Planner Folio and the Smartphone Folio.

The Classic Folio is “designed by a journaling enthusiast especially for the large Moleskine journal, our zippered Folio features four pen sleeves (sized for large diameter fountain pens and highlighters), a clear business card holder, secure interior zippered pocket, a clear interior rear pocket and a padded flap to protect the journal cover from the pen clips. It’s all you need for your daily excursions about the city or a multi-day bike trip down the coast of California! This product is built to order in our San Francisco factory.”


The Daily Planner Folio has “has more interior room to fit a Daily Planner. It features one pen slot, a clear business card holder, secure interior zippered pocket, a clear interior rear pocket, space for a phone, and a padded flap to protect the journal cover from the pen clips.”



And the Smartphone Folio “features a slot for your Smartphone, two pen slots (sized for large diameter fountain pens and highlighters), a clear business card holder, secure interior zippered pocket, a clear interior rear pocket, room for a large Moleskine planner journal and a padded flap to protect the journal cover from the pen clips.”

RickshawBags now also offeres a Customize funtion that allows you to select the Folio you want, then the colour and the fabric (110 different combinations based on 7 fabrics – Cordura Nylon, Recycled PET, Waterproof X-pac, Fauy-Suede, Organic cotton, Limited Editions- and 5 different patters – Solids, Dots, Patterns, Floral, Plaid); and thirdly the binding (select one of 7 matching bindings).

The costs: $ 50.00 plus Shipping of about $ 5.00 within the US; a decent priice for shipping I think.
The shipping to Europe is pretty deer and I remember now why I have not bought one earlier: $35-43 depending on the location.

It is up to you to decide for yourself; I really recommend you have a look for yourself as they ARE FANTASTIC!

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Moleskine ® is a trademark registered by Moleskine S.r.l.

“They smell !?”

June 14, 2010
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An impassioned plea from Ernie Resillez found on, directed to the makers of Moleskine ®:

“Look guys I am a huge Moleskine fan…huge. I have the pocket and the regular size.

I have filled over 30 of the, they have been backpacking, Washington, Disney lots of places

I need to let you know something….Lately when I open them, your M’s are smelling of ink. The pages fell wet. I threw away the part where it tells the lot number, but it doesn’t matter there all like that. This has happen to a pocket one, and weekly calendar and a regular size. It’s a gross ink smell. I actually have to put it in the garage to air it out. Its not just one lot. Its a lot of them. Look I really am a fan ok


YOU KNOW HOW US M’ fans are we are very sensitive to our little books.”

How are your Moleskine’s doing? Do you have any noticed anything? Feel free to comment.

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Moleskine ® is a trademark registered by Moleskine S.r.l.

Creating Effective and Efficient Relationships

June 11, 2010

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Relationships of all kinds are often perceived as very delicate things, that require extra effort to maintain. However, a relationship can also be something that can provide security and can also be long lasting despite many trials.

Building an effective and lasting relationships is a necessity for several reasons. For example in a group or organization, the well being of the people depends on how efficient and effective that group or organization works.

The group or organization is also dependent on how the members work well with the management.

An ineffective group or organization can really be very frustrating.  An effective group or organization can also ask so much on their members, that sometimes the members would be having no life outside the walls of the area where they work or sacrifice the other aspects of their life just to meet deadlines. For an organization or group with this kind of scenario, relationships can be stressed or suffer from breakdown.

People or other entities who depend on these groups or organization also suffer.

Society is defined as a web of relationships, which requires all parties to work and contribute their share in order to achieve  a common goal. Having a relationship that is good, where cooperation and respect are manifested, can make society work better. In this way each member works for the good of the whole and towards achieving a common goal. This can only be attained with effective and efficient relationships.

Understanding the other parties’ feeling and position creates an effective and efficient relationship. The easiest method to understand what is important to another party is to ask them what they want and listen to what they have to say. When the other party realizes this, they would feel the importance given to them

Effective and efficient relationships require parties to openly express their feelings and positions on all matters pertinent on the relationship. Assuming that the other party understands our needs and give us when we need it without asking for it is not a good practice.

Respect is the key to relationship. In order to create a more effective relationship, parties should treat each other with respect.  We can show respect just by listening to the other party and by trying sincerely to understand how they function. You can also show respect to other parties by confirming that they are doing everything they can.

The opposite of respect is quick forming of judgements based on unfounded facts and prejudice.

Respect is the very foundation for a great relationship. This also means respecting yourself and respecting others.

Another key area in forming an effective relationship is to tackle differences of the other party directly. Differences between parties or people are quite interesting. For example in a conversation where each party listens to the other party, you may observe that each is having two different perspectives.

Work towards a win-win solution for both parties.

This can be done when at least one party acknowledges that the relationship is important. That party would then exert more time, effort and energy to understand the other party’s needs and deal with it to get it out of the way. Should they fail, it is comforting for that party to know that they tried.

Effectively listening and no pre-judging. This is important if parties are to understand each other.

Informal discussions are conducive for parties. They bring out issues and concerns comfortably. They also feel more relaxed making them think more clearly.

Developing an atmosphere where the other party can express their feelings when they need to.

When parties fail to express whatever is on their mind or their feelings, it can get in the way of building an effective relationship.

Parties should be aware that certain things exist naturally but should be controlled in any dealings in any relationship.  Human nature is one. Some of these things found in a relationship also include a history of stereotyping or mistrust, blaming the other person or party for a strained relationship, excluding the other party’s feelings when focusing on a task, no clear and defined objectives, roles and expectations of each party in a relationship is also unclear.

Relationships are important to anyone, addressing issues and problems right away is a must to further improve the relationship. As they say ‘No man is an Island’.

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